Career Growth That is
Tailor-Made for You

USHA’s fun and exciting contests and incentive programs are designed to motivate, recognize and reward the best of the best. Contest time frames and incentive values will vary with everything from cash prizes to valuable gift packages, exotic vacations and more!

Income For Today

Our innovative compensation plans give you the power to control how much money you will earn this year, next year and every year of your USHEALTH Advisors career, because we do not place a limit on your earning capacity. As your annualized premium production increases, so does your income. In addition, USHEALTH Advisors’s unique performance bonus plans give you even more opportunities to earn what you are worth.

Phoenix Family Reunion

To celebrate the achievements of our very best in the company, there’s no event quite like our Phoenix Family Reunion. PFR features all the glamour and excitement you’d expect from a must-see Gala Awards Event. It’s a celebration of achievement that is unlike any other in our industry, because it celebrates YOU!

USHA’s annual Phoenix Awards recognize the exceptional performance of our top producers from all across America. The coveted Phoenix Award trophy signifies the uniqueness and unsurpassed excellence that exists here, at USHA. Crafted to form the regal wings of a soaring phoenix; the USHA Phoenix Award is a reminder that there are no limits to what we can accomplish…TOGETHER!