At USHEALTH Advisors, we believe that our success begins with your success. To that end, we provide world class field support.

Qualified Leads

USHEALTH Advisors funds the purchase of targeted, pre-qualified leads from proven marketing channels. We work closely with local sales leaders to identify the most effective lead sources in the market. With a growing database of more than 10 million leads and counting, our career agents never run short of prospective clients.

Cross-Selling Initiatives

You’ll have access to additional products and services that enhance the value provided to your clients. The ability to build a tailored, high-value benefit plan allows you to maximize client relations, improve customer retention and ultimately, increase your income.

Marketing Tools

Company-sponsored leads can help keep you in the race, but your own marketing efforts will help you take the trophy. USHEALTH Advisors provides you with access to the tools, knowledge and resources to effectively market your products. Whether you choose to prospect clients locally or across the U.S., our professionally designed print and social media ads, direct mail pieces, a personalized web site and more, will help you get the most from your marketing efforts.